Introducing ourselves as Interior Designers can be quite the experience…everyone has an idea of what interior design is.  Or sometimes they just see the final product and say, “Wow that looks great!” without realizing the amount of behind-the-scenes work involved….for the clients, for us, for the contractors. Most of our job happens months before move in occurs. These blogs are meant to help deconstruct…or demystify the world of interior design.

Myth #1: “We pick wallpaper.”

September 18, 2015

2015-09-17_Myth01As far as industry myths go, this one is actually half truth. And probably the biggest half-truth we face, so it’s where we will begin our myth-busting conversation.

We do actually pick wallpaper. But we don’t “just” pick wallpaper. Or paint, or carpet. Only a fraction of our job involves materials and finishes, the parts that make a space look good. The other 99% is spent doing the background work that makes a project successful. Imagine any empty space within a building…that’s where we start. Confirming building codes and bylaws, getting to know how our clients work and where they see themselves in the future. Transferring real space onto paper and back again, while molding it into something functional and enjoyable. Coordinating engineers so light fixtures and mechanical ducts aren’t fighting for the same space. Crunching budget numbers and adjusting schedules with contractors. Reviewing construction to make sure the contractor put the door in the wall where it should be.

Our relationships with our clients start the moment they decide they need a change of scenery, and continue through until that last box is unpacked. We come alongside our clients and assist them through the entire design and construction process.

And somewhere in the middle of all that, we will gladly pick your wallpaper.

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