Introducing ourselves as Interior Designers can be quite the experience…everyone has an idea of what interior design is.  Or sometimes they just see the final product and say, “Wow that looks great!” without realizing the amount of behind-the-scenes work involved….for the clients, for us, for the contractors. Most of our job happens months before move in occurs. These blogs are meant to help deconstruct…or demystify the world of interior design.

Everyone has an idea of what interior design is...the only problem is that the popular perception of interior design doesn't match what we do.

Hello, It’s so nice to meet you... and what do you?

It’s nice to meet you too. I am an Interior Designer.

You must be naturally gifted at picking colours.

Well I am good at my job, but I went to post secondary, wrote professional exams, and complete continuing education courses yearly.

So does that mean you pick colours and furniture for offices?

I do so much more than that!, Making the spaces I design look good is the easy part; Making it work and getting it built is the hard part.

Oh... so do you do the painting, and building too?

Ummm,.. No. I ask A General Contractor to provide a quote to complete the work on behalf of my client.

How do they know what to price?

After my clients have approved a design and their finishes, I work with engineers to complete a set of drawings that tells the contractors what to build, and how to build it so it meets code.

That sounds like such a fun job!! and nothing like I see on HGTV!

Some days we would rather say “I lead people through the design and construction of commercial businesses” than to tell people “We are Interior Designers”.  But we think the people should know - know what our profession does, know how we contribute to the construction industry, know how we collaborate with engineers, product reps. and vendors, and how we all differ at what we do, and how we overlap.

Myth #78: “Ergonomics are for the Injured.”

January 17, 2017

It’s the third week of January, the week where some of us reconsider our New Year’s Resolution of hitting the gym and opt instead for a working lunch of chocolate in front of the computer. Add that to the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone, and most of us habitually spend our waking hours motionless in […]

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Myth #275 “Designers are expensive!”

January 18, 2016

As we get “older” and life gets busier, we have begun to realize that there is value in contracting work to others!  Neither of us are good with cars – so when it’s time to do maintenance we call the mechanic. Tricia learned the hard way that drywalling is an expert skill.  Leigh was smarter […]

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Myth #1: “We pick wallpaper.”

September 18, 2015

As far as industry myths go, this one is actually half truth. And probably the biggest half-truth we face, so it’s where we will begin our myth-busting conversation. We do actually pick wallpaper. But we don’t “just” pick wallpaper. Or paint, or carpet. Only a fraction of our job involves materials and finishes, the parts […]

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